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My Journey

Learn About Where I’ve Come From,
Where I Am Now,
And Where I Am Headed.

Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist, author, documentary filmmaker, entrepreneur, public speaker, and activist based in Houston, Texas. Since 2010, Derrick has worked to empower Houstonians by exposing corruption and focusing on solutions. Derrick’s work focuses on reducing governmental and corporate influence on our lives, and creating local independence.

Derrick Broze was a candidate for Mayor of Houston in 2019 and is currently running for Mayor of Houston again in 2023.

Derrick first became an activist in 2010 shortly after hearing former Congressman Ron Paul speak at the University of Houston. From 2010 to 2014 Derrick was involved with local End the Fed protests and worked with student groups at UH to raise awareness on the failures of the drug war and violations of civil liberties.

Derrick also worked with Houston Food Not Bombs to feed the houseless downtown while former Mayor Annise Parker and current Mayor Sylvester Turner worked to criminalize homelessness. He worked with groups like the Tar Sands Project and Fluoride Free Houston to try to clean up Houston’s environment and protect the health of all Houstonians.

Derrick’s efforts to educate and inspire have taken numerous forms, including co-hosting Live Free, Think Free on 90.1 KPFT; founding The Houston Free Thinkers activist alliance; founding The Conscious Resistance Network for multimedia journalism exploring liberty and spirituality in 2013; co-founding The Freedom Cell Network to help build local groups of activists; asking tough questions to local and national politicians; speaking internationally at conferences and festivals; publishing 5 books focused on solutions; and running for Mayor of Houston in 2019 and 2023.

Highlights of Derrick’s work include:


  • Helped kick the TSA off Houston METRO Buses, ending civil liberties violations of Houstonians
  • Exposed the Houston Police Department use of “Stingrays” cellphone surveillance tools on local media
  • Calling for reducing the power of Houston’s Mayoral Position (a measure which will now be on the 2023 ballot)
  • Authoring the underground best-seller How to Opt-Out of the Technocratic State
  • Consistently standing for health freedom and bodily autonomy for more than a decade
  • Building dozens of community gardens in Houston’s 5th Ward, providing organic food for Houstonians

Want to learn more about why Derrick's running for Mayor in 2023?

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Want to learn more about Derrick and check out his full biography?

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