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The moment I received the letter rejecting my application for the 2023 Houston ballot I have done everything I could to stay in the campaign through November 7th. Over the last 3 weeks I have been spending every day talking to lawyers, calling civil rights organizations, researching the Texas Election Code as it relates to felons – all while continuing to campaign.

I had my attorney calling the City Attorney to plead our case. I sent out press releases with support from other Mayoral candidates and Council Members. I talked to the Houston Landing, the Houston Chronicle, and Fox26 about the situation. I also asked you to call and email the Mayor’s office and the City Attorney’s office.

Thank you to every single one of you who made phone calls and sent emails. I greatly appreciate your time and energy, as well as your desire to see me remain in the Houston Mayoral race.

Unfortunately, the Mayor’s Office and the City Attorney refused to allow me on the ballot. They claimed that Texas Election Code tied their hands and they could not do anything for me.

I am proud of the campaign we ran the last 6 months. We received 2 endorsements, made the local media several times, and met hundreds of Houstonians who were supportive of my efforts.

In the end, I was blocked from the ballot because of the mistakes of my youth. Yes, I was convicted of a non-violent drug possession felony in 2005 at the age of 20. Yes, I did 18 months behind bars, probation, and then parole.

In 2009 I started turning my life around and soon found my way to activism and journalism. Over the last 14 years I’ve done everything I can to fight for my community and promote solutions to our many problems.

I have written books, 100’s of articles, produced documentaries, exposed stories on the local and national level, toured the U.S. 3 times and Mexico once, co-founded The Freedom Cell Network, and so much more. For me, running for office was not about “changing the system from within”, but rather just another avenue through which I can reach people and plant seeds of liberty.

The most confusing aspect about this ballot application situation is that if I had lied on the application form and said I had NOT been convicted of a felony, no one would have verified it and I would have been allowed to run.

However, I didn’t lie because I have nothing to hide. I have nothing to be ashamed of for changing my life.

So what’s next for the “Broze for Mayor” campaign?

In the coming days my team and I will be releasing new campaign material highlighting the issues we plan on continuing to promote in the Mayoral race.

While I might not be on the debate stage or the ballot, we know I have influenced the conversation. In fact, I helped promote the idea that the Mayor of Houston should have less power (or City Council equal power) and now that will be on the Houston ballot in November under the name “Proposition A”! That’s right – Houstonians can vote to decentralize the power at City Hall, and thus, amplify the voices of the people of Houston.

We are taking a day or two to rest and regroup, but without a doubt, we are not done.

Thanks for the support.

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