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In 2019, I ran for Mayor of Houston. My campaign had 9 key issues, including a moratorium on 5g, ending police surveillance, preventing vaxx mandates in the city, and taking away the power of Houston’s Mayoral position.

The campaign was a success in all of the ways I hoped. We reached thousands of people in my hometown who would never find me on YT, or Odysee etc, and influenced the conversation.

Now, I am seriously considering running again this year.

I will be hosting a private gathering in Houston on February 18th for those who want to be involved in the potential campaign. If you live in Houston and are interested, please respond to this post ASAP.

Also, to anyone reading this who is shocked at my choice to pursue this path, understand that I have no intentions of being a politician and I am not certain there is a chance to win the election.

For me, the win is reaching thousands and thousands of people via TV, Radio and local forums which never invited “Derrick Broze the local conspiracy theorist” but do invite “Derrick Broze, Candidate for Mayor”. Stay tuned.

– Derrick Broze