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Houston Mayoral Candidate and journalist Derrick Broze has released a new campaign video highlighting Houston’s failed response to COVID19. Houston’s current Mayor and Health Department pushed for the power to enact mask mandates, stay at home orders, and employee vaccine requirements.

Broze notes that he is the only candidate in Houston’s Mayoral race who exposed the various flaws and lies in Houston’s COVID19 response during 2020-2022. As a journalist, Broze questioned Houston Health Department Director Dr. David Persse about the use of the flawed PCR test, the insanity of giving children the COVID19 jabs, and much more.

“In 2019 I ran for Mayor of Houston warning about the dangers of vaccine mandates. Less than a year after my campaign ended I was proven right with the many U.S. states and cities implementing shot requirements to work and/or travel,” Broze said. “As Mayor of Houston I will defend bodily autonomy and ensure that future Mayor’s can never mandate medical interventions for Houstonians, City Employees or otherwise.”