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This morning I am heading downtown to final the paperwork for a campaign treasurer for the 2023 Broze for Mayor campaign.

That’s right, it’s official, I am running for Mayor of Houston.

I am running because the city has been taken over by corrupt career politicians. To fix this we must make sure the power of the Mayor is given back to the council. I was the only candidate who made taking away the power of the Mayor a central part of his campaign in 2019 and I am doing so again.

I am running a campaign that will have something to say about local issues like flooding, but we will once again come up with creative ways to deal with them that do not involve government waste and taxes.

While I will speak about local issues, I also am going to run a campaign that recognizes that as the 4th largest city in the United States, Houstonians should also be paying attention to geopolitics.

Mayor Sylvester Turner and local politicians like Lina Hidalgo are beholden to the Democrat Party and pushing The Great Reset, Agenda 2030 propaganda. Hidalgo is linked to the billionare family The Arnold’s. The City of Houston needs to end relationships with international, globalist organizations and focus on the people of Houston.

Mayor Turner has spent 8 years taking steps to turn Houston into a Smart City and working with organizations which are pushing Agenda 2030, UN SDG policies. I reject these policies.

Additionally, Mayor Turner, the Houston Health Director and others did a horrible job responding to COVID19. The only reason they did not enact more strict measures was because of Governor Greg Abbott.

No other candidate in the Mayoral race is going to be willing to call out the insanity of the last 3 years, but me. I am the only one willing to take away the power of the Mayor’s office, I am the only one who was warning about vaxx mandates in 2019, and I am the only one who is willing to legitimately change the politics of City Hall.

Learn more about my campaign issues here.

Thank you.

– Derrick Broze