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Houston Mayoral Candidate Derrick Broze has been warning about the dangers of ShotSpotter “gun shot detection” technology since at least 2015, and calling for the end of Houston’s contract with the company since it began.

Now, in a new investigation, The Houston Chronicle confirms what Broze has been saying: the ShotSpotter technology doesn’t work and may actually be slowing down police response times in certain Houston neighborhoods!

“As a journalist I first wrote about ShotSpotter in 2015 and immediately knew the technology was a threat to privacy,” Broze says. “Since that time we have also learned this tool is not effective at catching criminals, and is actually a waste of taxpayer dollars.”

Derrick Broze is the only Mayoral candidate calling for ending the ShotSpotter contract as soon as possible and redirecting the funds towards violent crime and human trafficking. Broze is also calling for decriminalizing Cannabis completely and pushing all police resources towards the pursuit of violent criminals who continue to plague Houston.

Learn more about the Broze for Mayor plan for crime and privacy here.