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On Thursday night Houston Mayoral candidate Derrick Broze is unveiling a new policy plan that he says will reduce crime, reduce flooding, save money, end the Drug War, and begin the process of turning Houston into a hub for Cannabis-related industries. The 8 point plan known as #HempHouston is broken down into three main categories dealing with ending the Drug War in Houston, cleaning out Buffalo Bayou, and encouraging medical, recreational, and industrial Cannabis-related businesses. Read the full outline of Hemp Houston below.

“Today I am announcing a new plan that has the potential to completely alter the course of the City of Houston. We have a great opportunity – as the 4th largest city in the United States and the largest in Texas – to lead the way in ending the Drug War. Not only is it immoral that Houstonians are locked away for non-violent crimes like possessing Cannabis, but it is a huge waste of money and resources,” Broze says. “Houston can lead the way in decriminalizing Cannabis in Texas, and set an example for the entire nation by embracing hemp for fuel. In a city known for its massive oil and gas industry we can choose to educate the industry about the benefits of hemp and Cannabis. I invite all Houstonians to read the outline to Hemp Houston and watch my speech on how we can make this plan a reality.”

Derrick Broze will unveil #HempHouston on Thursday July 18, 2019 at Midtown Bar and Grill (415 West Gray) from 7:30 to 9 pm. The event will be livestreamed via Derrick Broze for Mayor of Houston on Facebook

The #HempHouston Plan:

1. End The Drug War

  • Decriminalize Cannabis in all of the Houston city limits
  • Release prisoners being held on non-violent Cannabis-related charges
  • Redirect Houston Police Department resources towards human trafficking, violent crimes

2. The Bayou Cleanup

  • Clean out the Buffalo Bayou, removing trash and waste
  • Plant Hemp along the Bayou to help reduce flooding and erosion

3. Vote With Your Dollar

  • The City of Houston will end contracts with oil and gas companies with history of environmental disasters
  • The city will encourage research into Hemp as an alternative fuel, encouraging O&G companies to invest in hemp

4. A Cannabis Sanctuary City

  • Encourage the Medical Center to invest resources into medical Cannabis research
  • Encourage Cannabis-related businesses in the City

The Result:

  • reduce jail population
  • stop ruining peoples lives
  • free victims of the Drug War
  • reduce violent crimes
  • reduce flooding, beautify bayou
  • Turn the PetroMetro into Hemp Houston by embracing hemp as fuel
  • Make Houston a hub for medical Cannabis science research
  • economic boom centered around the recreational Cannabis industry