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My name is Derrick Broze and I am running Mayor of Houston. I am 38 years old, and I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I am also an investigative journalist, author, activist, and entrepreneur.

I am campaigning for the highest office in the City of Houston because over the last 14 years I have worked as a liberty activist attempting to address some of Houston’s issues: homelessness, police violence, environmental concerns like water quality, privacy and civil liberties.

I actually first became an activist in 2010 shortly after I heard former Congressman Ron Paul speak at the University of Houston. From 2010 to 2014 I was involved with local End the Fed protests and worked with student groups at UH to raise awareness on the failures of the drug war and violations of civil liberties.

I also worked with Houston Food Not Bombs to feed the houseless downtown while former Mayor Annise Parker and current Mayor Sylvester Turner worked to criminalize homelessness. I worked with groups like the Tar Sands Project and Fluoride Free Houston to try to clean up Houston’s environment and protect the health of all Houstonians.

During that time I learned that Houston has one of the strongest Mayoral positions in the United States – and not in a positive way! Houston’s Mayoral position is essentially a local dictatorship which prevents Houston’s 16 council members – and thus Houstonians – from having their issues heard and voted on. This prevents people powered change from taking place in the city.

When I learned this I realized that all of my efforts – and the efforts of average Houstonians who take the time to go downtown to speak to the Mayor and City Council – are for nothing unless we take away the power of the Mayoral position and give it to City Council, and, ultimately, the people of Houston.

This is why the cornerstone of my campaign for Mayor is to amend the City Charter so that if 1/3 of Houston City Council says their constituents are concerned about an issue it is automatically placed on the council agenda for further discussion and potential vote. Until we change this none of the issues you and I care about are going to be given a fair chance.

I’ll be frank: I am the only Liberty candidate running for Mayor of Houston.

The reality is that I am running against establishment Democrats who have raised more than $1 million each. These Democrats include Senator John Whitmire and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. It’s important to note that over the last 3 years all of these establishment politicians supported the locking down of Americans and medical mandates.

Additionally, Houston’s current Mayor Sylvester Turner, the Houston Health Department Director and others did a horrible job responding to COVID19, including mandating injections for City of Houston employees. The only reason these officials did not enact more strict measures was because of Governor Greg Abbott. I am running to prevent this from happening again.

It’s going to take a lot of work to build a better Houston, but with your support I am confident we can do it. I believe our campaign for Mayor of Houston is going to make history – again.

I say again because in 2019 I ran for Mayor of Houston on a very similar platform calling for taking away the power of the Mayor. Not only did the other candidates begin repeating this talking point, but a coalition of activist groups came together in 2020 to make my suggestion a reality!

In fact, the coalition gathered the 20,000 petition signatures necessary to introduce the measure and place it on the ballot! They succeeded, and now in November 2023, Houstonians will be able to vote on taking away the power of the Mayoral position!

I believe this would not have happened without my campaign making this issue a part of the 2019 Mayoral race. Together we did that and together we can make history again in 2023!