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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Harris County Libertarian Party Endorses Derrick Broze for Mayor of Houston

The Harris County Libertarian Party has endorsed Derrick Broze in the Houston Mayoral race.

“Derrick Broze is the best choice in the Houston Mayoral race. His focus on making Houston a more free, more just, and more transparent city demonstrates his commitment to our fellow neighbors, and not to special interest groups,” the LP Harris County Executive Committee said.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Harris County Libertarian Party, the only local party dedicated to defending the rights of all individuals,” Broze said in response to the endorsement.

“My political journey and activism are intertwined with the Liberty movement, including participating in the End the Fed rallies of the 2010s, attending liberty events in Houston and around the United States, and authoring 3 books expounding on libertarian theory.

Although the Mayoral race is officially non-partisan, the reality is the majority of the Mayoral candidates are tied to the Democratic Party. The principles promoted by the Harris County Libertarian Party set them far apart from all other political parties. I am grateful to receive their endorsement and will continue to be a champion of liberty for all Houstonians.”

Derrick Broze
713 909 0382


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