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Houston, My name is Derrick Broze and I am running for Mayor of Houston.

Let’s talk about flooding. First, we must face the reality that flooding is going to be an ongoing issue in our city. From Hurricane Harvey to Tropical Storm Imelda, it’s clear we need a plan to address flooding in an innovative way that will help Houston continue to thrive.

I recently announced a 4 part plan called #HempHouston that has the potential to completely alter the course of the City of Houston.

First, it’s time to embrace the Cannabis plant. The State of Texas has recently legalized Hemp for farming purposes. Houston should be the first hub for hemp farming and production in the state. Specifically, we can begin planting hemp and other native plants along the Bayou and waterways to help with water overflow and help reduce erosion.

Simultaneously we need to clean up the vehicles and other debris from the bayous and drainage systems. Finally, our plan calls for increasing the amount of green spaces around Houston – community gardens, urban farms, and food forests. These green spaces will help reduce flooding that comes a result of over development in Houston.

With the Hemp Houston plan Houston can lead the way by embracing industrial hemp, decriminalizing Cannabis in Texas, and set an example for the entire nation by embracing hemp for fuel. In a city known for its massive oil and gas industry we can choose to educate the industry about the benefits of hemp and Cannabis.


The #HempHouston Plan:

1. End The Drug War

  • Decriminalize Cannabis in all of the Houston city limits

  • Release prisoners being held on non-violent Cannabis-related charges

  • Redirect Houston Police Department resources towards human trafficking, violent crimes

2. The Bayou Cleanup

  • Clean out the Buffalo Bayou, removing trash and waste

  • Plant Hemp along the Bayou to help reduce flooding and erosion

3. Vote With Your Dollar

  • The City of Houston will end contracts with oil and gas companies with history of environmental disasters

  • The city will encourage research into Hemp as an alternative fuel, encouraging O&G companies to invest in hemp

4. A Cannabis Sanctuary City

  • Encourage the Medical Center to invest resources into medical Cannabis research

  • Encourage Cannabis-related businesses in the City

The Result:

  • reduce jail population

  • stop ruining peoples lives

  • free victims of the Drug War

  • reduce violent crimes

  • reduce flooding, beautify bayou

  • Turn the PetroMetro into Hemp Houston by embracing hemp as fuel

  • Make Houston a hub for medical Cannabis science research

  • economic boom centered around the recreational Cannabis industry

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