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Early voting began yesterday in Houston for local and state races. Houstonians will be able to vote on their district Council member, At-Large Council Members, Controller, Mayor, and two Propositions. See the full list of candidates and propositions here. (Additionally, there are several proposed amendments to the Texas constitution that I will address separately in an upcoming post.)

As noted last week, I am going to share my thoughts on these races in the hopes that it might better inform some of my supporters, especially for those who wanted to vote for me as Mayor.

I don’t take voting lightly. In fact, I only vote in Houston elections and only when I feel a strong moral obligation to do so. I would not offer these recommendations if I didn’t have people requesting my thoughts. I value your opinions and would not purposefully lead you astray.

First, let me reiterate that I cannot claim that any of these people will always make decisions you or I like. If I am sharing someone as a candidate you should consider it’s because I have spent time with some of these folks since I began campaigning in January and they seem to be genuine, open minded, and willing to learn. Again, that doesn’t mean if they win they will always represent us perfectly.

What it does mean is that if these candidates I am recommending get into office, it’s still up to us – the people of Houston – to hold their feet to the fire and fight for the issues we care about. Please don’t forget that.

Second, I am not going to recommend people in every race because I simply do not know candidates in every single race well enough to recommend them.

Finally, I helped organize a “Sovereign Houston” survey for candidates specifically related to bodily autonomy and informed consent. We asked all of the candidates their thoughts and heard back from 9 of them. I am attaching the graphic cards with their answers below. Please save those images and zoom in to see their answers to inform your votes as well.

My Recommendations

Proposition AVote Yes. I fully support this effort to allow 3 council members to be able to agenda items to the weekly city council agenda. I fought for this for years and it will help Houston.

Proposition BVote Yes. I think there’s less certainty on whether or not Prop B will end up hurting or helping Houston in the long term, but I believe its goal of more representation for Houston is a positive one.

Mayor – I am not endorsing any candidate for Mayor of Houston.

Controller – Dave Martin (I believe his conservative principles will better serve Houston as the chief financial officer)

City Council, District C – Perata Bradley (She will fight for her district and represent the community)

City Council, District D – Lloyd Ford (He’s a genuine person who showed up to all kinds of events ready to speak to anyone who will listen. He also supports bodily autonomy)

City Council, At-Large #1 Melanie Miles (She has shown up all over the city to hear Houstonians concerns and she will fight for our interests)

City Council, At-Large #3 – Richard Nguyen (Although I didn’t get to know him well, the former Council Member has experience and he publicly expressed support for bodily autonomy)

Thanks for the support. Please see the Sovereign Houston candidates survey below.

– Derrick Broze