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My name is Derrick Broze and I am running for Mayor of Houston. I am 34 years old, I have never served in a political office, and I have only voted once in my life. In fact, I have spent the better part of the last decade encouraging people not to spend their time and energy playing the political game. I often talk about the value of getting involved in your community on the local level, taking time to get to know your friends and neighbors, instead of paying attention to the latest political drama.

So then, why would I choose to run for Mayor of Houston?


I have spent the last ten years working as an activist and a journalist in and around the Houston area. I have questioned and interviewed Houston’s former Mayor Annise Parker and former Chief of the Houston Police Department Charles McClelland regarding the city’s homeless feeding ordinance, water fluoridation, police shootings, and cell phone surveillance. I have visited Houston City Council to talk about these topics dozens of times. Overwhelmingly, the experience has been one of disappointment as I learned the cold, hard truth: The Mayor and much of City Council are either bought off or turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the concerns of Houstonians. Time after time, I attended council with other activists and concerned Houstonians only to find that our concerns were being ignored.

The reality is that even on the local level, the political game is corrupted and rigged. The City of Houston does not need another politician to help bring prosperity and liberty to the city. The people of Houston are capable of organizing their own communities and neighborhoods. The only way to make that happen is to elect someone who will strip the Mayoral position of its power and amplify the voice and power of the people. This is exactly what I plan to do.

As Mayor I will amend the City Charter to take away the power of the Mayor and decentralize the entire City Council process. From there I will ask the people of Houston to decide whether they want to decriminalize Cannabis, put a halt on the 5g cellular roll out, and end the growing surveillance programs. With the money saved from ending these programs, we will rehire the firefighters who were recently fired by Mayor Sylvester Turner.

So while the Mayor claims he cannot implement Houston’s Proposition B without laying off hundreds of firefighters, he has not put forth a single position on how to carry out the will of the voters AND keep Houston’s firefighters on the payroll. If I am elected we will change that. Find out more about my campaign and my plans right here.

One final note of importance: This campaign for Mayor should not be confused with an endorsement of the City of Houston, the Office of the Mayor, or the actions taken by any government official. I do not believe politicians, government officials, or government itself has the authority to rule over Houstonians, or any other free human beings on this planet. As far as I am concerned, the institution is one of violence responsible for destruction all over the planet. My campaign for Mayor should not be confused with an attempt to tell the people of Houston (or anyone, anywhere) how to live their life and organize their own affairs. If anything, this campaign is designed to educate, empower, and awaken the sovereign spirit of all Houstonians. I want to help people recognize their innate power, beauty, and self-ownership.

All people deserve the freedom to live their life free of force, coercion, and violence. All people deserve to live free of government and corporate interference. I encourage everyone who comes across my campaign to look at the core philosophies that guide my actions and campaign. Specifically, I encourage everyone to research Agorism, Counter-Economics, and Freedom Cells. I will be sharing more about these ideas in the coming weeks and months. I hope my efforts over the coming months help ignite the spirit of individual empowerment, healing, and community in Houston. Only when we come together as free individuals can we hope to create solutions that help the collective of humanity.