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In a new video, Houston Mayoral Candidate Derrick Broze outlines how the Houston Police Department is currently wasting taxpayer dollars and shares his vision for reducing crime in Houston.

The Houston City Council, Mayor Sylvester Turner, and the Houston Police Department are currently wasting taxpayer dollars with the use of ShotSpotter technology they claim will reduce gun violence. The City of Houston recently signed a $3.5 million, 5 year contract with ShotSpotter despite cities like Chicago finding the technology does not reduce crime. The Turner Administration and HPD are also wasting police resources and time by ticketing activists with Food Not Bombs for feeding the homeless at the downtown public library.

“I am the only candidate in the Mayoral race who is taking a common sense approach to Houston’s crime problems by ending wasteful programs like ShotSpotter and refocusing police resources towards serious crime,” Broze said. “Spending millions of taxpayer dollars on technology that not only doesn’t work, but targets communities of color, and ticketing activists feeding the homeless is a massive waste of resources.”

Derrick Broze is also calling for the complete decriminalization of Cannabis in Houston and a halt on any police resources dedicated to pursuing charges for non-violent Cannabis users.

“By ending the War on Cannabis we can begin to undue the disastrous effects of the failed War on Drugs in Houston. Instead of locking up non-violent pot smokers let’s focus our energy on violent crime and human trafficking,” Broze stated.