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Houston Mayoral Candidate and journalist Derrick Broze breaks down how local media shapes the perception of Houstonians during elections, and how this process is used all over the world.

In a new video, Mayoral Candidate Derrick Broze shares his concerns for how Houston media are reporting on the Mayoral race. Namely, corporate media rarely mention the Mayoral race, and when they do they often report there are only 7 candidates running for Mayor when there are 13 as of mid-June.

“I have serious problems with Houston media attempting to craft a narrative around the Mayoral race,” Broze said. “When the media does acknowledge all of the candidates running, they also refer to 6-7 of the candidates as the “main”, “serious”, or “principal” candidates.”

“It’s not up to the Houston media, local pundits, or political scientists to decide who is worthy of being heard by Houstonians. We need honest media willing to give all of the candidates a voice,” Broze stated.