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Early voting in the Houston Runoff started yesterday morning and will run through December 5th. The official Election Day is Saturday December 9th.

There are 9 races which will be decided in this runoff period. These include Mayor, Controller, a couple City Council races, and a few City Council At-Large positions.

In the interest of anyone who cares how I feel about this, here are my recommendations for the runoff races.

First, let me say that I was notified that Sovereign Houston, the group sending the questionnaire about bodily autonomy and informed consent, did indeed sent out their survey to the remaining candidates. Regrettably, none of the candidates in the remaining races answered the survey so we do not know where they stand on issues relating to bodily autonomy.

Also, you will notice I am NOT voting for Mayor because I cannot support either candidate. Also, you might notice I chose a mix of Democrats/left-leaning individuals, and Republicans/conservative individuals. I believe this balance is important at City Hall.

Here are my choices:

Controller – Orlando Sanchez

City Council, District D – Travis McGee

City Council, District G – Mary Nan Huffman

City Council At-Large #1 – Melanie Miles

City Council At-Large #2 – Willie Davis

City Council At-Large #3 – Twila Carter

City Council At-Large #4 – Letitia Plummer

I encourage you to learn about all of the candidates, and my choices, before choosing who you think will best serve Houston.

Thank you.

– Derrick Broze