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In 2012, former Houston Mayor Annise Parker and Houston City Council passed an ordinance which made it illegal to share food with more than 5 people without permission from the property owner. This “anti-food sharing” ordinance was opposed by a massive coalition of organizations across Houston with more than 100,000 Houstonians signing petitions to overturn the ordinance. Parker ignored the will of Houstonians and Mayor Turner has continued the agenda by passing additional anti-homeless laws. Meanwhile, federal courts have already ruled that similar laws are unconstitutional.

My name is Derrick Broze and I am running for Mayor of Houston. As Mayor the first thing I will do is overturn the food sharing ordinance and support groups like Food Not Bombs Houston who offer food services to the growing number of Houstonians who find themselves without a home or a job. The homeless population has grown exponentially in Houston in recent years, but criminalizing this population simply for being without a home or in need of support is not the answer. I want to work with homeless advocates and directly with those living on the streets to find solutions for the underlying problems which lead to homelessness.  It’s time to end the cruel treatment of Houston’s homeless population and make Houston compassionate again.

If you want to support my efforts to end Houston’s anti-food sharing ordinance please visit to learn more about my campaign.