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I don’t update this website often, it mainly serves as a place holder to contact me. However, I’d like to share a few updates on how my work has grown since my last update waaay back in February. (Wow, what a different world we are living in now!)

First, I came to Mexico in March because I wanted to look for land in Mexico to build an intentional community. It’s actually a vision I have had since 2016, when I wrote my book Manifesto of the Free Humans. I call it The Conscious Agora. You can learn more about it here.

Anyway, I am visiting Morelia and enjoying every moment of it. I am not locked down, I am not forced to wear masks to go to the gym, or the markets, or restaurants. I am not being threatened for simply living my free life. This is the beginning of something beautiful, I can feel it.

I have a new book! Yep, I released a 5 year anniversary updated version of my trilogy, The Conscious Resistance. Originally released as three separate books, the trilogy is now available as one epic book with new chapters, new footnotes, and lots of solutions! Don’t miss out on this change to learn all about my philosophical and practical solutions for building a better world. Find The Conscious Resistance Trilogy on Barnes and Nobles, Books a Million, local bookstores, and yes, if you must, Amazon. Find my other books here

I also released a new book in Spanish! My most recent book, How To Opt-Out of the Technocratic State has been translated and can now be purchased on B&N, BAM, and local book stores! If you want to download or purchase the English version, check here!

The Freedom Cell Network and The Greater Reset

You may have noticed the world has gone insane. The political and health “authorities” continue to promote disastrous policies and are destroying the economy. The thing to remember is this is being done by design. What do I mean? Well, I encourage you to read my essays on The Great Reset (this too) and The Darkest Winter. In short, the Predator Class is seeking to use this engineered crisis as an opportunity to remake – or Reset – the world in a way that benefits them the most. Sure, they promote it as “equity” and “social justice”, but what they really have in mind is a Technocratic authoritarian state which rules by technology and self-appointed experts. This is one of the greatest threats humanity faces. 

Thankfully, this insanity is causing more people than ever to question the world around them, including the power of government and the influence of media. This has lead to an exponential spike in interest for the concept of Freedom Cells and the Freedom Cell Network. If you are looking for like minded people to connect with I highly recommend you check out the website, create a profile, add yourself to the map, and search to find others that you can meet with in person. We are building localized, decentralized networks that can empower the people to create alternatives to the mainstream education, healthcare, technology, community, and governance. 

One of the newest initiatives of The Freedom Cell Network is The Greater Reset. We are planning a 5 day conference that will counter the message of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset by educating the public about the threat of The Great Reset and empowering them to build alternatives, we will create a world where people can live free, in harmony with the earth and their fellow humans. We will be promoting the values of  Individual Liberty, Decentralization,  Voluntary/Consensual Relationships , Bodily Autonomy,  and Localization. 

Stay tuned for more updates on The Greater Reset. It will be taking place on January 25- 29, 2021 and details will soon be posted at

That’s all I got for now. I recommend signing up to my text list or my Telegram channel to make sure you stay plugged into my latest articles, videos, and events.

Till next time, please stay safe and don’t allow fear to control you.

Remember, You Are Powerful, You Are Beautiful, and You Are Free.

– Derrick Broze