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Why does Houston have such low voter turnout during local races?


Some of you might be aware that Houston local elections tend to have only 200k voters participating out of the 3 million people in the Houston area.

Now, I don’t think voting is the only measure of how involved or passionate people are, but in the absence of local participation, corruption thrives.

Houston is the 4th largest city in the U.S. The person who becomes Mayor is not an insignificant decision.

For example, current Mayor Sylvester Turner has helped advance the privacy killing “Smart City” agenda, Agenda 2030 programs in the name of fighting climate change, pushed for lockdowns, masks, and vaxx mandates during COVID19, and much more. Not to mention that he sits on the board of the Resilient Foundation which is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

However, most people put their time and energy into the Presidential races when they could have the most impact by being aware and involved locally.

I blame Houston’s poor media for at least part of the lack of involvement. The Houston Chronicle, Houston Public Media, and all the TV networks could be doing weekly interviews with each of the current 12 Mayoral candidates if they wanted the people to be informed.

Instead, when they even mention the race at all, they say things like “the main candidates” or the “principal candidates” and make it sound like there are only 5 people running. This is exactly what they did in 2019 (and I assume in every previous race).

The media fails to keep the people informed and they fail to tackle important topics that might actually ignite a new class of voters who haven’t participated in the past. By focusing only on crime, traffic, flooding, and finances they ensure that Houston’s voters will continue to be 70 and up.

I want to talk to voters who are 70 and up, of course, but my point is you are not going to excite the college students or anyone my age and younger by talking about traffic.

I have something to say about those topics but I am also running this campaign because I know there are bigger, more impactful topics we can bring into the race. Also, every Mayor of Houston ends up signing international agreements and partnerships so clearly the Mayor does more than focus on these typical issues.

We are now in the last 5 months and 7 days of the Mayoral race and I plan to be all over the City of Houston, campaigning, hosting events, spreading awareness about my campaign and the issues I think Houstonians care about and learning about issues I might not be aware of.

I will be doing my best to activate the non-voters and those who are typically ignored by the other candidates. If you want to help me do so, please spread the word to someone you know in Houston.

Thank you.

– Derrick Broze

Remember, the other candidates have millions of dollars, we have YOU!

It’s never too late to give to the Broze for Mayor campaign!