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Mayoral Candidates, Current & Formal City Council Members Sign Statement in Support of Derrick Broze’s Right to Run for Office

To the City of Houston and the People of Houston:

On Monday July 24th, 2023, Houston Mayoral Candidate Derrick Broze filed his application to be on the 2023 ballot, just as he did in 2019.

On July 26th, the City of Houston rejected Mr. Broze’s ballot application because of a non-violent felony drug possession conviction from 2005. Following his arrest and conviction, Mr. Broze completed his prison sentence, paid his fees, completed parole in June 2009, and paid his debt to society.

Since that time Mr. Broze has been serving his community in the City of Houston, including as a candidate for Mayor in 2019.

Now, the City of Houston is using a 2019 legal opinion from currently indicted Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to deny Mr. Broze his constitutional right to run for office.

What makes the situation even more confusing is there is another candidate with a felony conviction who is being allowed on the ballot. This appears to be selective decision making of who is allowed to run for office.

We call on the City of Houston to allow Mr. Broze’s ballot application to stand so he may complete his run for Mayor of Houston.


Derrick Broze, journalist, candidate for Mayor
Jack Christie, former City Council Member & Mayoral Candidate
Robert Gallegos, City Council Member & Mayoral Candidate
Gilbert Garcia, Mayoral Candidate
Naoufal Houjami, Mayoral Candidate
Sue Lovell, former City Council Member
Robin Williams, Marine Veteran & Mayoral Candidate
The Harris County Libertarian Party
Texas Libertarian Party, Mises Caucus

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