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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Houston Mayoral Candidate Derrick Broze Calls for Regenerating Houston with Permaculture

As Houstonians prepare to celebrate Earth Day 2023, Houston Mayoral candidate Derrick Broze has released a new video and statement providing detail about his environmental plan, Regenerate Houston.

“Our Regenerate Houston plan is the only serious attempt by a Mayoral candidate to address environmental issues using permaculture principles, and innovative ideas rather than wasting taxpayer dollars while paying lip service protecting the planet,” Broze said. “This is the first step of a larger vision to reignite a true environmental movement in Houston that focuses on localization and decentralization.”

Regenerate Houston is a 3-part plan that will address food insecurity in Houston’s neighborhoods, flooding concerns, and water quality.

Food Insecurity – Broze is calling for identifying all vacant lots owned by the City of Houston and turn them over to interested neighborhoods and communities for the purpose of building urban farms, food forests, and community gardens.

Flooding – Broze says he will work with local permaculture groups, native plant associations, and food forest proponents to plant native plants and industrial hemp along the bayous and waterways to help reduce flooding and erosion.

Water Quality – Houston’s water has a number of contaminants that must be removed. The first and easiest to remove is fluoride which has recently been shown to cause lower IQ in children. Broze will end the practice of water fluoridation – saving Houston $1 million annually – and give Houstonians an opportunity to decide if they want the money from the contract to go back in their pockets, or reallocate the funds towards the creation of seed distribution programs and funding food forests.

Broze also says he would encourage the creation of community run programs that offer homeless or jobless Houstonians the opportunity to obtain organic produce and gardening related employment opportunities.

The Broze for Mayor campaign will continue to unveil the details of the Regenerate Houston plan as the Mayoral campaign continues.