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Houston Mayoral Candidate Derrick Broze has released a new video detailing his environmental plan, Regenerate Houston.

The Regenerate Houston plan focuses on increasing local food production with community gardens, food forests, and urban farms. Regenerate Houston is also focused on mitigating flooding by planting native plants and hemp along Houston’s bayous. Finally, Regenerate Houston calls for ending water fluoridation and repurposing the millions of dollars spent on the program towards non-GMO seed distribution programs.

“Houston’s current leadership – and the other Mayoral candidates – do not have fresh, innovative ideas for addressing Houston’s environmental issues, including flooding, food insecurity, and health,” Derrick Broze said. “As a recipient of a Permaculture Design Certificate, I am the only candidate who understands the value of permaculture and regenerative agriculture. Also, as a journalist I am the only candidate who is informed on the dangers of water fluoridation and the need to end this wasteful, harmful program.”

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