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Houston Mayoral Candidate Derrick Broze has released a new video discussing his vision for reducing crime in Houston.

The Broze for Mayor campaign is using innovative ideas to address problems facing Houstonians, including crime. Derrick Broze is calling for the full decriminalization of Cannabis and the redirecting of police resources completely away from pursuing non-violent, low-level offenders towards violent crime and human trafficking.

“Houstonians are concerned with rising crime in their neighborhoods. As Mayor I will appoint a Chief of Police who understands the need to end prosecution of non-violent, victimless crimes and focus on violent criminal activity,” Derrick Broze said. “I am also going to give Houstonians a say regarding their privacy and so-called ‘No-Knock Raids’.”

Derrick Broze is also calling for an audit of the Houston Police Department’s surveillance tools. Once the HPD has provided a full accounting of the surveillance equipment at their disposal Houstonians will have a chance to decide if they want HPD to have these tools. Finally, Broze is calling for a complete end to dangerous “no knock raids” which have resulted in the deaths of innocent Houstonians.

Learn more about the Broze for Mayor plan for police and privacy: