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Former Houston Mayoral Candidate Derrick Broze has announced that his campaign team and resources will now go towards what they are calling “The Movement to Empower Houstonians”, a temporary campaign to raise specific issues in the final 2 months of the Mayoral race.

“My team and I will still be attending events every week until November 7th to campaign for the issues I was raising as a Mayoral candidate,” Broze said. “We plan to raise issues which we know the vast majority of the current Mayoral candidates won’t touch”, but we know are important to Houstonians.”

The Movement’s will be focused on promoting Proposition A, an amendment to the city charter which would allow 3 council members to add items to the weekly agenda. Currently, the Mayor is the only one with this power, effectively making it a local dictatorship.

“In 2019, I was the first Mayoral candidate to raise awareness about the power of the Mayoral position, and the only one who pledged to reduce the power of the Mayor’s office,” the former Mayoral candidate noted.

The Movement will also be calling on Mayoral candidates to pledge to end Houston’s anti-food sharing ordinance and to put an end to the Houston Police Department’s #ShotSpotter surveillance contract.

Houstonians can follow the Movement to Empower Houstonians via the Broze for Mayor website and social media.

To everyone who donated to the Broze for Mayor campaign, we will be using the funds for campaign material including flyers, signs, and potentially a billboard. If you want to continue to support our efforts please donate now.

Thank you for supporting our efforts. We hope you will continue to support these final 2 months.