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Once again I want to thank everyone who supported my campaign for Mayor of Houston from May to November 5th 2019. We helped spread the word about a variety of concerns that had not previously been mentioned by any Mayoral candidate. We talked with thousands of Houstonians and recognized that many of you care about the same issues I do. Although I didn’t win the Mayoral election, I do believe we won by starting a conversation and building a grassroots movement.

And now the conversation we began with the Broze For Mayor campaign has evolved into the #ImagineANewHouston movement!

If you cared about any (or all) of the issues I raised during my campaign I invite you to check out the website for this brand new effort to create a better Houston. Visit to learn more about the plans for this next phase and for upcoming events. I am excited about the opportunity to continue to work with other Houstonians who want to make positive change in this city.

Thanks for the continued support,

– Derrick Broze