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Beginning with this past weekend, we have had a wonderful experience connecting with Houstonians from all backgrounds and communities. People are excitedly taking Broze for Mayor shirts, yard signs, stickers, and pamphlets at these events!

The fact is, I can walk into a room full of Democrats and come out with allies.

I can walk into a room full of Republicans and make new friends.

I can walk into a room full of Libertarians and build alliances.

My campaign for Mayor is uniting people from across the political spectrum.

For example, on Saturday we spoke at the Houston Pride Forum and outlined our campaign’s vision and what sets me apart.

On Monday we spoke to the Meyerland Area Democrats and outlined our plan in under 5 minutes and, once again, received overwhelming support.

Finally, on Tuesday night we spoke with the Cherry Tree Republicans for a couple hours and made it clear I am the only candidate who can unite Houstonians. Watch this short, exciting clip and share!

I encourage you to watch and share the above videos with your friends and family.

Remember, we are fighting a media blackout and we need your help to overcome that blackout. Please visit our social media and share any (or all!) of these videos with your community.

Together we are uniting Houstonians from across the political spectrum.

– Derrick Broze