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Let me tell you why I will be voting for #PropositionA on November 7th.

Proposition A is a proposed amendment to the City of Houston’s charter which would allow 3 council members to add items to the weekly agenda, a power that is currently only available to the Mayor. This is 1 reason why the Mayor is a local dictatorship.

Prop A is a step towards limiting and reducing the power of the Mayor of Houston. Allowing council members to add agenda items will give Houstonians more of a voice in local matters. In my 14 years visiting council I saw firsthand the power of the Mayor is a roadblock to change.

For example, when it came to fighting to get fluoride out of the water, we had 4 council members willing to listen to the science & express interest in ending the contract. However, former Mayor Annise Parker refused to talk about the issue. The council members were powerless.

Many times I heard from council members on different issues: “our hands are tied”, “I have no power to introduce agenda items”, etc.

This is because they have no power to add items to the city council agenda without approval of the Mayor.

Why does this matter?

If Houstonians are concerned about a specific issue & call/email their council members to express their concerns, you might think it will discussed in council meetings so a solution can be found. However, even if the whole council wants a topic on the agenda the Mayor can say no.

Proposition A will change that.

Getting an issue on the weekly council agenda is the first step to being able to debate/discuss the issue and potentially get resolutions introduced and votes taken.

So whoever you like for Mayor, vote Yes on #PropA.

Also, remember that your favorite council members will be powerless to introduce agenda items unless Prop A passes.

Vote Yes on #PropA. Because Your Voice Matters!

– Derrick Broze

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  • Michael says:

    For sure friend,this is a issue that I was totally unfamiliar with, and I’m looking forward to seeing it come to pass.