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Houston Mayoral Candidate Derrick Broze is hosting his official campaign kickoff on Saturday April 15th at Midtown Bar and Grill (415 West Gray) from 4-7 pm! Broze will detail his campaign vision and contrast his campaign to the other candidates who have deep ties to the establishment Democratic Party.

Recently, Broze released a new video detailing his plan to ensure that Houston Mayoral position is weakened in favor of the City Council, thereby amplifying the voices of Houstonians.

In 2019, Derrick Broze was the only Mayoral candidate calling for amending the City Charter to give Houston City Council more power and to reduce the nearly dictatorial powers of Houston’s Mayoral position. Following the 2019 election, a coalition of organizations came together under the name the Houston Charter Amendment Petition Coalition to gather petitions in favor of amending the City Charter to reduce the power of the Mayor. The coalition succeeded and in November 2023, Houstonians will have a chance to vote on this important issue.
Now, Derrick is once again campaigning on this platform to make sure Houstonians have a voice in City Hall.

“If elected, I will change the City Charter and transform the Mayoral position from one with near control of the City Council agenda, to a position that is equal to City Council members,” Broze stated. “The Charter change will also make it so any issue which has the support of one third of City Council will be placed on the agenda for debate and potential vote. From there, I will focus on removing roadblocks that stand in the way of a successful Houston.”


 Ultimately, for this Charter Amendment to have any real power, Houstonians need to get more actively involved in city affairs.

“My campaign is not asking Houstonians to sit around and wait for me to fix things. This is a proactive movement to change the course of Houston for the better,” Broze said.

Join us for the Broze for Mayor Campaign Kickoff event on April 15th at Midtown Bar and Grill from 4-7 pm!